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  • n. Alternative form of sidelock.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. A separate lock of hair at the side of the head, formerly sometimes worn as a distinguishing mark.


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  • Damned if he knew whether that old side-lock Springfield would still shoot, but it was there, grease-coated relic of the Spanish War and an ancestral Carlsson.

    Cast your bread upon the waters...

  • She no longer wore the side-lock of childhood, her hair was bobbed upon her shoulders and cut in a thick straight fringe at the level of her eyebrows.


  • She wore her long black hair in a side-lock that hung over her left shoulder, and her linen breech clout was so diminutive that it left the lower half of her little round buttocks exposed.


  • The loss of her side-lock was the token that she had seen her first red moon.


  • The uproar was deafening as Pharaoh dismounted at Tamose's temple, and climbed the stairway between ranks of granite statues of his father and of his patron god Horus in all his hundred divine guises - Horus as the child Harpocrates, with side-lock and a finger in his mouth, suckling at the breast of Isis, or squatting on a lotus blossom, or falcon-headed, or as the winged sun disc.


  • She sprang up from where a priestess of Isis had been instructing her with writing tablet and brush, and flew to him on those long legs, her side-lock bouncing on her shoulder.


  • She had set aside her formal wig, and wore her natural hair in a side-lock that fell in a thick dark rope over one breast.

    River God

  • But though I know this, I am never able to associate Edfu with Horus, that child wearing the side-lock -- when he is not hawk-headed in his solar aspect -- that boy with his finger in his mouth, that youth who fought against Set, murderer of his father.

    The Spell of Egypt

  • It represents a very flat-headed deity, with the youthful side-lock, the body in mummy form, the darker lines representing a bead network.

    El Kab

  • [Page 84] find them to be invariably distinguished by the massive side-lock shown in the illustration.

    Pharaohs, Fellahs and Explorers


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