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  • n. See post.


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  • Morgan was leaning his length against the side-post of the door of

    Sea-Dogs All! A Tale of Forest and Sea

  • 'Paul,' she said, sliding an arm behind him, and taking hold of the side-post.

    Despair's Last Journey

  • Lazarus probably heard the door slam; it banged against the side-post under the gusts of the desert wind, but he did not rise to go out and to look at her that was abandoning him.


  • The man hooked his left arm about the side-post of the open window-shield.

    Free Air

  • A man had dragged himself to his feet, a short, square fellow who held himself erect with a grip on a side-post.

    The Path of the King

  • Against the side-post of the cabinet there leaned a gaudy umbrella, preserved there as a relic.

    The Wrecker

  • None of them are smoking, though several are sucking vigorously at empty pipes; and the rapacious light that glares in every eye as Saxham mechanically knocks out the ashes from his smoked-out briar-root against the side-post of the entrance is sufficient witness to the pangs that they endure.

    The Dop Doctor

  • Max pulled and shook it, and finally put his knee against the side-post and gave the handle of the latch a terrific tug.

    The Wharf by the Docks A Novel

  • The Colonel, meanwhile, with one shoulder leaning lightly against the side-post of the doorway between the ballroom and the cardroom, could laugh undetected under his ample moustache; it amused him to look on at the turmoil of the dance; he could see a hundred pretty heads turning about in obedience to the figures; he could read in some faces, as in those of the Countess and his friend Martial, the secrets of their agitation; and then, looking round, he wondered what connection there could be between the gloomy looks of the Comte de

    Domestic Peace

  • The addition of GRITv is a boon. please bring back the calendar box … … … it was essential to me to catch up on threads when i've been out of town or not at the lake for a day or two, made it SO EASY to catch a thread i skipped when i have a minute … … i'm on dial-up, do you have any idea how long it takes for me to find a thread i missed from a few days ago? the calendar was the perfect tool. i really miss it. the other helpful one was 'recent posts' on the side bar, made it much easier to go back and forth to still active threads … … … even more important now with the 'going into outer space' posts in other sections of fdl and then you can't get back to fdl directly without keeping another home page open window to get there. when a new thread was up, it would show up on the sidebar, might solve the dillemma people are having getting back to the main site after going to a side-post …. .and enable us to go back and forth between threads a little easier. a lot of times i don't go back cuz it's too much of a hassle. barbara June 26th, 2008 at 2: 58 pm



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