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  • n. A lock of hair worn at the side of the head.
  • n. payess / payot


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From side +‎ lock.


  • It was an Austrian "sidelock" gun by Johann Franzoj from Ferlach, 16Ga o/u with 26 "and 28" barrels.

    The CSMC A-10 American

  • Traditional sidelock, black powder with patched ball.

    old tradional muzzelloaders or the new inlines

  • The bad is, it lists for $7,995, which, while a bargain for a sidelock O/U (you can spend ten or twenty times that amount on an English or Italian model), is still a lot of money.

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  • From 1937 comes a pair of 12-bore, self-opening, sidelock ejector guns from Purdy that are expected to fetch £35,000-£45,000.

    The Fire Power of Pistols

  • The high-grade gun I tried, the Number 2, is a full sidelock with such niceties as hand-detachable locks and an articulated front trigger which prevents it from bruising your trigger finger as the gun recoils when you shoot the second barrel.

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  • If you feel morose because .500 NE is not enough for you, there is a sidelock 88B called the Jumbo which is chambered for that cartridge and for the .577 and .600 NE.

    One More Round of SCI

  • Get a boxlock rather than a sidelock; the latter cost a fortune if they're any good.

    Make Mine a Double

  • This was of the discovery of a magnificent Double-nosed Andean Tiger Hound (I kid you not) which has not one but two super-sized hooters laid side by side for the all world like a fine side-by-side Holland and Holland sidelock.

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  • My ideal would be a sidelock with a tiny amount of engraving around the edges of the sideplate and any screws and the rest bare save for an oil slick of case hardening and gold-washed inside, where no one can see, but where it will help prevent corrosion.

    Got a Match?

  • In 1883 Brown drew up a sidelock gun, one of the few ever made in America.

    Classic Side-by-Side Shotguns by Field & Stream's Philip Bourjaily


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