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  • n. Plural form of sidelock.


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  • Arguably, in-lines go back as far as the sidelocks - just that in-lines continue to be modernized (like Clay's Savage, designed for smokeless propellants).

    Okay muzzleloaders! I know NOTHING about these rifles, please inform and entertain me with your wisdom!

  • We call sidelocks traditional but in-lines have been around for a couple of hundred years.

    How many of you ladies and gents enjoy hunting with traditional blackpowder firearms?

  • (The docent claimed Clarke could not draft an ear properly, so he covered them with drooping sidelocks, something manifestly untrue when his other work is studied in detail.)

    Harry Clarke, Ireland's Master of Stained Glass

  • The catch is that the only muzzleloaders allowed would be sidelocks (external hammers) loaded with patched round balls, using flintlock, rope or percussion cap for ignition.

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  • Both still had their beards, sidelocks, black hats.

    The Last Lion

  • So the story is full of barechested men wearing loinskirts and makeup, and perfumed women wheeling and dealing, and children with cute little sidelocks, all interacting in a sunbleached city full of incredible stone monuments along the green, green banks of a mighty river.

    The Research Readers Don’t See «

  • On these days the bell jars the beards from their lawful inspections of splayed leather straps, sidelocks swinging; immediately, they avert their eyes.

    Common Trade

  • These poor qualities are sometimes attributed even by Jews to Jews: elevated German and Austrian Jews once wrinkled their nostrils at the matted sidelocks and large families of the poor Ostjuden who had come from the backwoods of Galicia and Silesia; and Ashkenazi-Se­phardic rivalry in Israel sometimes recalls and resembles this hostility.

    The 2,000-Year-Old Panic

  • He railed against “those Jews who do not remove the rust of the exile from themselves and refuse to shave their beard and sidelocks….”

    Crossing Mandelbaum Gate

  • Too stunned to resist, I allowed her to dress my hair, tying back the sidelocks with primrose ribbon, clucking over the unfeminine unbecomingness of my shoulder-length bob.

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