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  • n. In printing, a strip of wood or metal laid at the side of a form in a chase, or of type in a galley, having a taper corresponding to that of the quoins driven between it. and the chase or galley in locking up.


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  • Instead of a steering-wheel-like control yoke, the Eclipse 500 is driven by a sidestick controller that looks and behaves like those used in computer games.

    Eclipse Ousts Raburn to Win Financing

  • Instead of a control yoke on a central column, the pilots of the Eclipse 500 use a sidestick controller similar to the joystick used in some computer games.

    Jet Maker Eclipse Files for Chapter 11

  • Kip positions his hand on the sidestick controller, fanning his fingers and waiting as he forces from his mind the fatalistic “reality” that the motor will not fire.


  • His gaze takes in the horizon once again as he uses the sidestick to bring the nose up, stopping at ten degrees down.


  • He moves the sidestick controller to follow, startled when the Earth swims back into view.


  • In one of the test flights he flew in the T-33, Armstrong inadvertently broke off the experimental sidestick installed in the airplane.

    First Man

  • Armstrong managed to land safely, the few control difficulties related to operating the new type of trim tab that had just been installed on his sidestick controller.

    First Man

  • We had the opportunity to put those ideas into the X-15 during its design process so that, in fact, the sidestick turned out pretty usable.

    First Man

  • She grasped the catapult handles adjacent to throttle and sidestick, acceleration forces clawing at the muscles of her forearms and neck.

    Genellan- Planetfall

  • He edged his thumb along the top of the sidestick, watching the computer count down the time to the border in the course module above his left multiuse display.

    Cyclops One


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