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  • The offensive or protective structures, as breastworks, trenches, etc., prepared by an investing force before a besieged place.


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  • We have therefore desisted from our siege-works and remain idle, since we are overpowered by the superior numbers of the enemy, and indeed cannot bring our whole army into the field, for the defence of our wall absorbs a large part of our heavy-armed.

    The History of the Peloponnesian War

  • He ordered provisions for five days, and took with him all the masons and carpenters in the army; also a supply of arrows and of the various implements which would be required for siege-works if he were victorious.

    The History of the Peloponnesian War

  • This front room was by far the bigger of the two, and held an assortment of folding chairs and tables, racks of maps, some models of siege-works the engineers had been playing with regarding Muluchath Mountain, and portable sets of pigeonholed shelves in which reposed various documents, scrolls, book buckets, and loose papers.

    The First Man in Rome

  • Slowly they eased themselves down the scarp, and plodded across no-man's-land toward the siege-works.

    Funeral Games

  • We can readily understand how mortifying it must have been to the Commanding General, and particularly to the officers of engineers and artillery who had planned, built, and armed these siege-works, to hear that the enemy had evacuated his fortifications just at the moment when we were prepared to drive him from them by force; and we can appreciate the regrets of General

    The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 13, No. 77, March, 1864

  • While the battle still raged round the Peter, Meissen, and Erbis Gates, and the Swedes fancied the Freibergers a prey to anxiety and fear, the undismayed miners made a sortie through the Donat Gate, destroyed the Swedish siege-works that lay in that quarter, slew a number of the enemy, and returned into the city, bringing with them several prisoners.

    The Young Carpenters of Freiberg A Tale of the Thirty Years' War

  • To the brave and faithful miners were assigned the most dangerous duties of all, such as extinguishing the fires caused by shells, repairing the defences wherever the enemy might destroy them, counter-working such mines as should be directed against the town, and making sorties to destroy the enemy's trenches and siege-works.

    The Young Carpenters of Freiberg A Tale of the Thirty Years' War

  • The Romans drew all their supplies from Arpi but in very small quantities, for, as the infantry were all employed in outpost and patrol duty and in the construction of the siege-works, the cavalry brought the corn from Arpi in their haversacks, and sometimes when they encountered the enemy they were compelled to throw these away so as to be free to fight.

    The History of Rome, Vol. II

  • On the one hand, where the wall was destroyed they always built a strong one inside close to it, and on the other they made sudden sorties, at one time against the siege-works, at another against the outposts.

    The History of Rome, Vol. V

  • Nothing was left undone by the Samaeans in the way of defence against siege-works or assaults.

    The History of Rome, Vol. V


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