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  • Onid yda ni'n byw mewn byd ben-ucha'n-isa pan mae Gweinidog yn gorfod ymddiswyddo am gerdded i mewn i dafarn yn smocio sigar, ond ddim am dorri addewid maniffesto?

    Ffarwel, annwyl weinidog

  • Mae'n anodd gwybod beth yn union oedd y rhesymeg tu ol i'w benderfyniad, ac mae ambell un wedi awgrymu bod mwy iddi na dim ond helynt tila y sigar ac ennillydd Llyfr y Flwyddyn.

    Ffarwel, annwyl weinidog

  • You give 10 cents to toss a ring. if you toss it good and it goes over a poast you get a gold wach or a 12 blaided gnife or a gold headed cain or a sigar or a whip or a doll or a glass pitcher. i tossed it over a poast and got

    Brite and Fair

  • Ahmadreza Joneidi said ... kheili jalebe, dasti ke sigar ro gerefte too hameye tasvira daste adam bozorgas! che jozeiati!

    Iranian doxdo (

  • Supposedly, it's where all the social media geeks can go and comment ad nauseum on the logo, product design and whether or not any of this has anything to do with the fact the product itself is nothing more than sigar water with a little caffeine tossed in. // plus Elsewhere

  • a sigar and i give the sigar to old Barny Casidy and he lit it and took 2 puffs and spit it out and sed it was made of a old horse blanket. tomorrow is the last day of the fair and if i am going to ern enny money i have got to get a gob prety quick. father is going to stay at home tomorow to go to the fair.

    Brite and Fair


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