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  • n. Plural of signum.


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  • Quantity and quality are indicated by words that are called signa (markers, signs):

    Lorenzo Valla

  • Moreover, as Homeyer notes, "signa" for identifying cattle, horses, trees, clothes, and as boundary marks, are referred to in the Lex Salica, the Edictum Rotharis, and the

    The Customs of Old England

  • Aeneadum genetrix, hominum divomque voluptas, alma Venus, caeli subter labentia signa quae mare navigerum, quae terras frugiferentis concelebras, per te quoniam genus omne animantum concipitur visitque exortum lumina solis:

    Waaay off topic - The Panda's Thumb

  • Alas, its invocation, Tibi, magnum Innominandum, signa stellarum nigrarum et bufaniformis Sadoquae sigilim has failed to render up even a mouse!


  • Si signa circa ventriculum non apparent nec sanguis male affectus, et adsunt timor et maestitia, cerebrum ipsum existimandum est, &c. 2623.

    Anatomy of Melancholy

  • [6579] Ut pueri infantes credunt signa omnia ahena

    Anatomy of Melancholy

  • Note 76: Must., chap. 36, pp. 14-15: "Quae signa sunt quae conceptum infantem masculum aut feminam futuram ostendunt?"

    A Tender Age: Cultural Anxieties over the Child in the Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries

  • The connection these treatises have with Priscian's grammar can be gathered from the attention different authors pay to the signa quantitatis (or quantifiers), and the fact that considerable attention is given to the meaning and function of syncategorematic terms.

    Peter of Spain

  • In the signa;-noise ranges that you use, the MBH98 method and conventional PC will both pick up a signal.

    Eduardo Zorita Comments… « Climate Audit

  • Upon these un-Lady-like private consultations, whether the window shewed the signa or no; it is no matter belonging to my charge: I say, husbands are unwise, to graunt such ill advantages, and wives much worse, if they take hold of them, onely Judge you the best, and so the Tale is ended.

    The Decameron


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