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  • n. Same as significance.


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  • John Edwards's haircut was a valid story to cover, although its impact and signifiance were magnified beyond reason and sanity.

    Washington Post Again Hits Edwards For $400 Haircut -- In LEDE Of Story

  • The signifiance of this development is easy to miss, particularly if you have your head buried in the Windows or Mac OS X world.

    Archive 2008-01-01

  • Anti-Oedipus become “strata” in A Thousand Plateaus: the organism (the unification and totalization of the connective synthesis of production, or the physiological register), the signifying totality or signifiance, which we can perhaps render as

    Gilles Deleuze

  • Chapter 7 deals with the intersection of signifiance

    Gilles Deleuze

  • How about decoding the snark and giving a numerical answer for the level of agreement. r squared and t test of signifiance and all that.

    Thompson: "Remarkably Similar" « Climate Audit

  • Perhaps the discussion of Phillips and other texts on spurious signifiance will also illuminate the approach that we used in our GRL article and why we discuss "spurious significance"

    Spurious Significance #4: Phillips [1986] « Climate Audit

  • Now, I realise that David Krumholtz already graces my Celebrity Snoglist, but this dream was of special signifiance, as such that I may have to start a new list.

    22nd September '05

  • I can not recall how I got this bracelet as a child, but I never completely understood the signifiance of it until I was considerbly older.

    Letters and Notes

  • In Chapter VII, "signifiance in an instant" was changed to "significance in an instant".

    A Prisoner of Morro In the Hands of the Enemy

  • The _Caban_ form in connnection [TN-4] with the hive in fig. 10 may have some phonetic signifiance [TN-5] as _kab_ is honey in Maya.

    Animal Figures in the Maya Codices


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