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  • n. Plural form of significate.


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  • Now, my lady, see how well de name significates de great virtues of my medicament, which, in de first place, is a miraculous restorer of health and vigor and life to de feeble spirits of de pody: dere's de fire.

    Rob of the bowl : a legend of St. Inigoe's,

  • As a result, both spoken words and the concepts to which spoken words are subordinated have the same significates, namely individual things and their individual properties

    Medieval Theories of Analogy

  • In the first case, the spoken term is the same but there are two distinct significates or intellectual conceptions; in the second case, both the spoken term and the significate are the same.

    Medieval Theories of Analogy

  • But Crathorn could not accept such a position because of his view that only qualities are natural signs of their extra-mental significates.

    William Crathorn

  • His semantic and ontological views evolved during his career in response to Ockham's acute criticism of traditional realism, moving from the moderate realism typical of thirteenth-century theologians such as Thomas Aquinas and Henry of Ghent to the extreme realism of his later writings, which posit the existence of extramental universals really distinct from individual things, extramental propositions as significates of true sentences, and real distinctions among the ten categories.

    Walter Burley

  • There is no English expression for [Greek: homonumia], "equivocal" being applied to a term and not to its various significates.


  • Instead of throwing in poetic and grammar with rhetoric, the Stoics subdivided dialectic into the part which dealt with the meaning and the part which dealt with the sound, or as Chrysippus phrased it, concerning significants and significates.

    Guide to Stoicism


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