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  • n. Plural form of signification.


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  • Now there are two significations of the Hebrew word which suit the present place; either that the spirit moved and agitated itself over the waters, for the sake of putting forth vigor; or that He brooded over them to cherish them.

    Commentary on Genesis - Volume 1

  • _Mushtarik_, or words which have several significations, as the Arabic word "'ain," which may mean an eye, a fountain, or the sun.

    The Faith of Islam

  • It is more likely that it represents a little circular hillock, seen from above, or something of that nature surrounded by a ring, as the significations given the Maya word _mul_ are "hillock, heap, mound, mountain, ants 'nest, etc."

    Day Symbols of the Maya Year Sixteenth Annual Report of the Bureau of American Ethnology to the Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution, 1894-1895, Government Printing Office, Washington, 1897, pages 199-266.

  • But for metaphoricall significations, there be many: for sometimes it is taken for Disposition or Inclination of the mind; as when for the disposition to controwl the sayings of other men, we say,


  • For Kant, the logical expressions do not express meanings in the way that non-logical expressions express meanings or concepts (see Critique of Pure Reason, B 186; several of the Kantian categories correspond approximately to the "significations" of some paradigmatic logical expressions).

    Logical Truth

  • En jouant avec le matériel visuel et les "significations" possible/impossible, la composition multi-couches est composée d'éléments d'absurdité extrême que j'extrais de l'environnement visuel.

    Museum Blogs

  • 'significations' of the signals bear unmistakable marks of his involved and cumbrous style, and the code itself closely resembles that he used during the Great War.

    Fighting Instructions, 1530-1816 Publications Of The Navy Records Society Vol. XXIX.

  • "significations" was not a Contract, but a Convention or Pact.

    Ancient Law Its Connection to the History of Early Society

  • These are women who questioned not just male domination and the identification of men with the significations of the masculine, but the bonds that were for millennia conceived and legislated as essential to the identification of women with the feminine, the significations that coalesced into what now can be seen as barriers of gender identification not biologically imperative, but as arbitrarily keeping women from joining with men in all forms of socialization.

    G. Roger Denson: XX Chromosocial: Women Artists Cross The Homosocial Divide

  • That is until the early 1970s, when a significant few women artists and writers began to expand beyond the constraining significations and codes of feminism, femininity, and female homosocieties to exhume, examine, analyze, question, reshape, switch, and conflate the notions and qualities of gender difference taken for granted by world civilizations.

    G. Roger Denson: XX Chromosocial: Women Artists Cross The Homosocial Divide


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