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  • n. Plural form of signified.


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  • It feels to me like he's still working with signifiers and signifieds -- just that you have multiple signifieds for one signifier, with relative weightings of the relationships between them.

    Notes on Notes

  • Are we always aiming to flense the rich complexity of connotation and find the bare bones, to parse structures of signifiers into structures of signifieds?

    Notes on Notes

  • To cultural studies, there are no “facts” — just texts and interpretations and signs and signifieds.

    “TASTY AND FOREIGN” » Sociological Images

  • Acoustic only: no indication as yet that the conceptual side, the signified, is similarly oppositional in its nature – that it too has no positive content, just a value generated by its difference from other signifieds, as claimed in the quote from the Course.

    Saussure's ambivalent involvement with Sanskrit

  • There are no signifieds, only an endless chain of signifiers representing the illusion of self resulting from desire-as-lack.

    The Four Topics of Law Library Scholarship

  • Once dead bodies are hollowed out, as mere matter, without a transcendental destiny — signifiers without signifieds — they rise again, as phantasmagoria.

    Introduction: Gothic Romance as Visual Technology

  • After a few days stop at an army camp we moved to Westgate on the Kent coast and found signifieds for which we had signifiers but of which we had no direct experience. LINKS.

  • In focusing, like my fellow contributors, primarily on the Box Hill Episode of Emma (volume 3, chapter 7), part of my aim is simply to show its complexity of signification, particularly the degree to which Austen frustrates even the most fundamental acts of interpretation and upsets rudimentary correspondences between signifiers and apparent signifieds.

    Unanswerable Gallantry and Thick-Headed Nonsense: Rereading Box Hill

  • By the end of Emma, class reading emerges as a reliable anchor to sentimental reading, one that secures signifiers of feeling to their correct signifieds and allows Emma to make sense of Mr. Elton's effusions, Mrs. Elton's aggressiveness, Miss Bates's agreeableness, Jane Fairfax's reservedness, and even Mr. Knightley's watchful benevolence.

    Unanswerable Gallantry and Thick-Headed Nonsense: Rereading Box Hill

  • What gives the sign its linguistic value is the system of differences, on the one hand between signifiers, on the other be - tween signifieds (or significata, some writers in English preferring “significatum” to “signified” as a noun).



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