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  • n. a molecule containing a silicon atom which forms a double bond
  • n. an organosilene, a molecule containing a silicon atom doubly bonded to a carbon atom
  • n. a silicon analog of alkenes containing at least one silicon-silicon double bond.
  • n. Any of several plants of the genus Silene - the campions


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  • {32} In speaking of the silene quinque vulneralis, on a previous page, I said that there was no absolute reason why it should not re-appear in the garden of the Victoria Hotel.

    Records of Woodhall Spa and Neighbourhood Historical, Anecdotal, Physiographical, and Archaeological, with Other Matter

  • He discovered the liquid light of her dark eyes in the rippling darkness of the streams; the lilies recalled the faintly tinted paleness of her cheeks; the silene roses, scattered throughout the hedges, called forth the remembrance of the young maiden's rosy lips, and the vernal odor of the leaves appeared to him like an emanation of her graceful and wholesome nature.

    A Woodland Queen — Complete

  • It is the Oporto silene (S. portensis), a curious growth, a lover of the sea-side dunes, which, though of Portuguese origin, as its name would seem to indicate, ventures inland, even as far as my part of the country, where it represents perhaps a survivor of the coastal flora of what was once a

    More Hunting Wasps

  • Hellebore -- the one-sided Pyrola, the Bladder Campion -- _silene inflata_, the sweet-scented yellow Mellilot, the white Yarran, the Prunella with blue labrate flowers the Yellow Rattle, so called from the rattling of the seeds.

    Picturesque Quebec : a sequel to Quebec past and present

  • Here the silene rears high its head with fringed corolla of scarlet; and there the wild gooseberry dazzles the eye with a perfect shower of tubular flowers of the same bright color.

    Our Italy

  • At the extreme ends were round pieces of bon silene roses and lilies of the valley.

    Perley's Reminiscences, v. 1-2 of Sixty Years in the National Metropolis

  • And I found what is professed to be a Zone-4-hardy raspberry-pink silene (catchfly).

    Christian Science Monitor | All Stories

  • Lysimachia nummularia 'Aurea' (creeping Jenny) to flow frontward, swirling in and around the silene.

    Christian Science Monitor | All Stories

  • Cesta na Lombok nam trvala 24 hodin, nejdriv jsme jeli transferem do Sape na Sumbawe, je to jenom 70km, ale lode jsou tu silene pomale a trvalo to 8 hodin. Recent Updates


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