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  • n. Plural form of silique.


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  • The coppery pods, the shiny, trash-talking siliques who had boasted that they were running the show?

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  • Prof. Braun mentions a Fumariaceous genus, in which the flowers in the lower part of the spike bear oval, ribbed, one-seeded nutlets; and in the upper part of the spike, lanceolate, two-valved, and two-seeded siliques.

    VII. Miscellaneous Objections to the Theory of Natural Selection

  • This fact suggesting itself to Gaspar -- as he lies watching the horses plucking off the long siliques, and greedily devouring them -- he says: --

    Gaspar the Gaucho A Story of the Gran Chaco

  • Saying which, he glances up to the _algarobias_, from which the long siliques droop down in profusion, more plentiful than tempting to him.

    Gaspar the Gaucho A Story of the Gran Chaco

  • Here we investigated gene expression underlying parent-of-origin effects in Arabidopsis through transcriptional profiling of siliques generated by interploidy crosses and FIS-class mutants.

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  • For visualization of procambial tissue in whole-mount embryos, developing siliques were harvested from plants heterozygous for hyd/fk mutations, and carrying the proAtHB8:: GUS transgene, the testa punctured with a fine tungsten histology needle, and the embryos vacuum-infiltrated with X-Gluc in buffer.

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  • In short, growing siliques were harvested from soil-grown plants and dissected under a stereo-microscope.

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  • Ovules from individual siliques were collected and fixed for 1-4 h in ethanol/acetic acid (6: 1) at room temperature.

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  • Bars correspond to 20 µm (A-M), 10 µm (N-Q), and 50 µm (R and S). icr1 siliques display greater developmental variability.

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  • Stacked-bar charts show the developmental stages of embryos collected from 12 representative siliques.

    PLoS Biology: New Articles


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