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  • n. Any of a class of organic or inorganic chemical compounds of silicon, oxygen, and usually carbon and hydrogen, based on the structural unit R2SiO, where R is an alkyl group, usually methyl.

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  • n. any of a class of compound having a short repeating unit of silicon and oxygen atoms (either in a chain or a ring) with organic side chains

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  • n. any of a large class of compounds that have alternate silicon and oxygen atoms


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

sil(icon) + ox(ygen) + (meth)ane.

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from silicon + oxygen + alkane


  • Cyclomethicone and ingredients ending in "siloxane": Used in cosmetics to soften, smooth and moisten, these compounds can irritate the skin, eyes and lungs.

    Ottawa Sun

  • The Institute carried out alternatives assessments on one product based on n-propyl bromide (nPB), a product based on a volatile methyl siloxane (VMS), and two hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs).

    Alternatives for significant uses of perchloroethylene in Massachusetts

  • A-Tech Masonry and Brick Sealer-water-based silane/siloxane water repellent HG Marble and Natural Stone Protector - Invisible coating to protect natural stone - Articles related to London Mining to move into profit with mine launch

  • Spending was mainly on production plants for polysilicon, siloxane and dispersible polymer powders.


  • Realisation of ORMOSIL ionomers by the crosslinking of propyl methacrylate siloxane and a protected styrenesulfonic acid


  • The UV absorbing coatings have a silane - or silane-derived chromophore or a combination of a silane - or siloxane-based material and a chromophore, which chromophores absorb UV light at about 300 to about 400 nm. Stories / Popular

  • More particularly, the silane - or siloxane-based chromophore is Stories / Popular

  • The pyrogenic silica plant, together with a siloxane plant, is a key facility in the integrated silicone manufacturing site developed by both companies at Jiangsu Yangtze River Chemical Industrial Park in Zhangjiagang.


  • The siloxane plant will supply chlorosilane for the production of pyrogenic silica as raw material, while the pyrogenic silica plant will send back its by-product hydrogen chloride (HCL) for the production of siloxane. Aktuelle Nachrichten

  • The combined capacity for siloxane and pyrogenic silica is planned to be approximately 200,000 metric tons per year. Aktuelle Nachrichten


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