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  • v. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of silt.


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  • The Chihuahuan Desert Grasslands occur in areas of fine-textured soils, such as silts and clays, that have a higher water retention capacity than coarse-textured, rocky soil.

    Ecoregions of Texas (EPA)

  • Other soils such as silts and fine sands may be permeable to clean water but become blocked when transmitting effluent containing suspended and dissolved solids.

    Chapter 5

  • Martin urges injection of liquefied carbon dioxide -- and the nitrates and sulphates that his technology also captures -- into the "silts" or unconsolidated sediments below the sea floor, at depths of 3. 3km or more.

    Climate Ark Climate Change & Global Warming RSS Newsfeed

  • - cross-flow turbines are relatively insensitive to soft impurities such as silts, clays and floating matter such as grass, leaves, etc.

    5. Sand trap

  • The snow silts up to the windows in the wild wind: from early fall to late spring, I am unapproachable.

    Self-Destruction, Vol. 1

  • Oh, and by the way.…if the flows during your flood were so powerful that they swept all of the dead and floating vegetation away, they also would have beet far to strong to result in deposition of the clays, silts, and sands that comprise the rocks exposed under the basalt cap of South table Mountain.

    Castle Rock - South Table Mountain - The Panda's Thumb

  • His full bottles, still sealed, had gathered fine silts of dust.

    The Gin Closet

  • The Cretaceous or Tertiary-age sands, silts, and clays of the region contrast geologically with the older limestone, chert, and shale found in the Interior Plateau (71).

    Ecoregions of Tennessee (EPA)

  • There is a rough gradient from the higher-lying boulders and gravels to sands and silts and then to the low-lying silt loams and silty clay loams.

    Royal Chitwan National Park, Nepal

  • Finer silts are washed out into the Bay of Bengal but, where they are protected from wave action, mud flats form in the lee of the dunes.

    Sundarbans, Bangladesh


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