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  • adj. of something having a color that is a light shiny green


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  • In the late 1950s, when Provence was still an uncharted destination, writer Lawrence Durrell rhapsodized about an enchanted landscape — vines that were "glittering silver-green bundles, or softly powdered by the gold dust of the summers," set against a "taut wind-haunted blue sky," wh ere the "great wines of the south sleep softly on the French earth."

    Coasting High in Provence

  • She closed her eyes as the smoke wreathing her fingers turned silver-green and drifted down over Max.

    Crimson Wind

  • On the hill below were a vineyard and a grove of silver-green olive trees.

    The Memory Palace

  • Grasses are flowering and many are setting seed, red and silver-green.

    Country diary: Wenlock Edge

  • I joined in the traffic speeding out of the City and across the bridge, enjoying the sight of the rich orange cables and spires contrasting against the glimmering silver-green water and the azure sky.

    Haunted Honeymoon

  • Breathing hard, he leaned against the trunk of a tree causing some of its silver-green leaves to flutter to the ground.

    Aphrodite the Beauty

  • The Engadine Valley floor was a windswept patchwork of silver-green fields.

    The Black Madonna

  • She was floating on her back, looking up into the silver-green leaves and black boughs of the massive willow.

    Here Comes Another Lesson

  • Just as she said the last word, the treetops shivered, flashing a brief glimpse of the silver-green underbelly of the leaves.

    Father Swarat

  • He had crossed an open meadow and entered a higher belt of woodland, bushy and dappled with sunbeams on his left hand, deepening into forest on his right, when a grass snake, like a small flash of silver-green lightning, shot across the path almost under his horse's hooves to vanish in deeper grass on the other side, and the beast shied for an instant, and let out a muted bellow of alarm.

    His Disposition


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