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  • n. A shiny pale grey colour.
  • adj. Of a shiny pale grey colour.

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  • adj. of grey resembling silver


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  • The plain-furred Pallas's cat melts into the treeless steppes of central Asia, while the small Andean mountain cat has a silver-grey coat that matches the rocky landscape.

    How the leopard really got his spots

  • We searched, as a team, for what seemed like ages, following these tiny silver-grey darts through the air.

    Patrick Barkham: Hunting butterflies, finding Dad

  • Seated behind him was a stunning, tough-tired-looking, middle-aged woman with a silver-grey braid hanging halfway down her back.

    Was It The Gang Or the Bang I Desired?

  • My particular obsession is with the uncurated, unplanned mini-events that are the human statues dotted along the riverbank: those long-suffering individuals who cover themselves and all their clothes in silver-grey paint though there are numerous variations on this and don't move a muscle.

    The insider's guide to free arts

  • He is wearing a blue polo shirt, silver-grey hair swept back from his forehead, trademark tortoiseshell glasses always on.

    Cookery masterclass: Alain Ducasse

  • He smiles at me like it's the most obvious thing on earth, his face alive with boyish enthusiasm even though he turned 68 last week, his well-groomed silver-grey hair lending an air of statesmanlike authority.

    Martin Scorsese: '3D is liberating. Every shot is rethinking cinema'

  • Having ferried themselves on scooters all these years, the Sharmas bought a brand-new, silver-grey hatchback known as the Tata Indica.

    India Hits the Road — Ouch!

  • The winner: Poirot, an African grey, a silver-grey bird with a bald white face, yellow eyes, and crimson tail feathers who belongs to Mother Barbara of the Convent of St. Elizabeth in Etna, California.


  • Anigrel was in high favor with Lycaelon, however, which meant that his personal fortune stretched to a finer style of clothing than most'soft grey linen in this weather, with a discreet trimming of darker grey and equally discreet silver-grey geometric motifs in fine embroidery on the front and back panels of the vest.

    Tran Siberian

  • Thereafter I was issued with a new puggaree, half-boots and pyjamy breeches, a new and very smart silver-grey uniform coat, a regulation sabre, a belt and bandolier, and a tangle of saddlery which was old and stiff enough to have been used at Waterloo (and probably had), and informed by a betel-chewing havildar that if I didn't have it reduced to gleaming suppleness by next morning, I had best look out.



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