silver-spotted love


from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Marked with spots of silvery color: said especially of certain butterflies thus spotted on the under side of the wings. Compare silver-striped, silver-studded, silver-washed.


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  • Newly released figures from the charity Butterfly Conservation show that the endangered wood white increased in number by 600% in Britain last summer after a major decline, while the rare marsh fritillary increased by 134% and the silver-spotted skipper, once on the brink of extinction, rallied with a 78% rise.

    Butterfly revival could be threatened by cuts, warns charity

  • Last and least, a dead Epargyreus clarus silver-spotted skipper.

    Archive 2008-08-01

  • Magnified and enhanced, a thick crescent stood ruddy, mottled - and silver-spotted with seas.


  • She saw him from a distance, turned in her saddle, lifting her polo-mallet in recognition; and as he came, pushing his way across the clearing, almost shoulder-deep through weeds, from which the silver-spotted butterflies rose in clouds, she stripped off one stained glove, and held out her hand to him.

    The Firing Line

  • To bait a hook was not agreeable to the girl; she managed to do it, however, then shouldering her pole she walked across the road and down to the left, through rank grasses and patches of milkweed, bergamot, and queen's lace, scattering a cloud of brown and silver-spotted butterflies.

    The Dark Star

  • "I belong to my father," said she, contracting and disengaging her feminine garments to step after him in the cold silver-spotted dusk of the winter woods.

    The House on the Beach

  • So it is much better that one should take one's ease here in a corner between high garden-walls, where the air lies tepid and soft and still -- to sit on the sunny side, where a bench curves into a niche of the wall, to sit there end gaze upon the shimmering green acanthus in the roadside ditches, upon the silver-spotted thistles, and the pale-yellow autumn flowers.

    Mogens and Other Stories

  • There are a few winners already: the beautiful comma is moving north and the rare silver-spotted skipper has done well thanks to hotter summers.

    The Guardian World News

  • The Adonis blue, the silver-spotted skipper and the heath fritillary have all been saved from near extinction using ideas from Thomas's scientific research.

    Environment news, comment and analysis from the Guardian |

  • When thou shalt hate the silk so fondly sought And wish thy silver-spotted gauze unbought; *

    The Triumphs of Temper.: A Poem: in Six Cantos.


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