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  • n. The silver chickweed, Paronychia argyrocoma.


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  • Mai took two of the goldenheads Sire Galan had given me, and a silverhead—the one she’d given me two days ago.


  • Friday, November 07, 2008 friday i'm in love don't worry i changed into something ten times gayer. well maybe not so. oh and the bangs have officially been swooped over to the left now, never more will the right side of my face be obscured by the ramone's shroud what is the animal growing out of my head. went to see matt mays & el torpedo at the phoenix last nite, caught up with brad and his sister renita (she and i are working on a special little project together right now cannot reveal it yet) it was a good time at one point after fil was done shooting i said ok we can't talk about this anymore fil is back and renita said something funny that i forget along the lines of being good and i said yeah when he comes back i'm all (does double blow job motion with each hand) sucking everyone's dicks! and this one old square (silverhead, mostly bald, w / glasses with equally old lame wife) casually peeks over his shoulder back at us / me to have a gander at what this blow job giver-outer looks like just in case. haha so busted we killed ourselves over that one. brad was baaaaaaaaaaaked my favourite brad!

    Raymi The Minx


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