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  • Well, he growed up, an 'he did first one thing an' then another, until at last he was picked up by a travelin 'wax-works showman as had just such a collection as this here of mine -- havin' in it just such a Lady Jane Grey, and likewise a sim'lar Royal Fam'ly.


  • I was so pleased with the Queen's Crown, that it occurd to me what a agree'ble surprise it would be to send a sim'lar one home to my wife; and I asked the Warder what was the vally of a good, well-constructed Crown like that.

    Humorous Masterpieces from American Literature

  • They would set me down at their cottage doors, and give me what-not fur to eat and drink, and show me where to sleep; and many a woman, Mas'r Davy, as has had a daughter of about Em'ly's age, I've found a-waiting fur me, at Our Saviour's Cross outside the village, fur to do me sim'lar kindnesses.

    David Copperfield

  • Still Bill observed, "but I've had sim'lar visions lately."

    Going Some

  • You're nothin 'but a piece o' God's work that wants doin 'over -- like a back yard or a poor piece o' road or a rubbish place, or sim'lar.

    Friendship Village

  • A dollar meets another dollar, they are conganial, have sim'lar tastes, an 'manny mutual frinds.

    Observations By Mr. Dooley

  • "She'll do wot other young wimmen does under sim'lar circumstances," said

    The Dop Doctor

  • You wouldn't track up on no sim'lar weaknesses among the palefaces an 'you-all can put down a stack on that.

    Wolfville Nights

  • I could onfold a fact or two about that wife of mine who cuts out the divorce from me in Laredo that would lead you to concloosions sim'lar.

    Wolfville Nights

  • When I uses the term 'o'casion,' I would be onderstood as alloodin 'to affairs of a simply social kind, an' not to robberies, hold-ups, hoss-larcenies, an 'other an' sim'lar transactions in spec'latif crime when every gent defends his own.

    Wolfville Nights


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