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  • n. Plural form of simoom.


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  • It is thought that the army was overwhelmed and buried by one of those fatal storms, called simooms, that so frequently sweep over those dreary wastes of sand.

    General History for Colleges and High Schools

  • The beef-herd, that had been the pivotal point of the round-up and had made the mighty plain echo to its stampings and bellowings, beating up simooms that choked it with thirst, blinded it with dust, confounding itself on every side by the very fury of its blind force, had trailed for

    Judith of the Plains

  • The simooms which smote others on the desert pumped over the things which were mine.

    Ben-Hur, a tale of the Christ

  • "Any simooms in sight?" asked Ollie, by way of reply to

    The Voyage of the Rattletrap

  • They had felt the hyperborean blasts of the countries beyond the Black Sea, the simooms and sand-tempests of the Egyptian deserts.

    History of the Conflict between Religion and Science

  • One day I had been taking a long walk in the sun, and returned so thirsty that all the old stories about travellers suffering in waterless deserts returned to memory with new significance; -- visions of simooms arose before me.

    Two Years in the French West Indies

  • If all the skies hurtled with tempest and everlasting storm wandered over the sea, and every mountain stream went raving mad, frothing at the mouth with mud foam, and there were nothing but simooms blowing among the hills, and there were neither lark's carol nor humming bird's trill, nor waterfall's dash, but only a bear's bark, and panther's scream, and wolf's howl, then you might well gather into your homes only the shadows.

    The Wedding Ring A Series of Discourses for Husbands and Wives and Those Contemplating Matrimony

  • Following up this inaudible speech with one of those audible howls for which demons are so justly celebrated, he went off in a gust of wind, and summoned to his aid one of those simooms, or monsoons, or typhoons which are in the habit of ravaging the southern seas.

    Under the Waves Diving in Deep Waters

  • He was as familiar with wreck as with rations; every species of nautical disaster had befallen him; typhoons, cyclones, and simooms had done their worst to him, but they could not kill him, for Bill bore a sort of charmed life, and invariably turned up again, no matter how many of his shipmates went down.

    The Battle and the Breeze

  • The summer passed away, with its intense heat and its fierce simooms.

    Hebrew Heroes A Tale Founded on Jewish History


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