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  • adv. Simply, absolutely; without any qualification or condition.

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  • Simply; not relatively; not in a certain respect merely, but in the full sense of the word modified.


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From the Latin simpliciter ("simply”, “plainly"), from simplex ("simple").


  • But none of these, simpliciter, is either high crime or misdemeanour.


  • But, again, delegation simpliciter is certainly neither “high” nor crime nor constitutional magnitude misdemeanour.


  • In short, the objective sun would be identified with the idea simpliciter:

    Descartes' Theory of Ideas

  • From now on, we are therefore talking of impossible worlds simpliciter, meaning worlds that are not possible with respect to an unrestricted notion of possibility, however this is further characterized.

    Impossible Worlds

  • Gilsons 'specific theism adds P3, again there is no necessary requirement from it from theism simpliciter which is just P4 (and for Gilson not just any god will do so he requires another premise but that is not substantive to the logic here).

    Planet Atheism

  • Optimal free-trade areas haven't had a lot of attention lately from economists most of whom believe in free trade simpliciter as the best option, but optimal currency areas are a reasonably well-developed concept, the key thinker here being Robert Mundell of Columbia University.

    Ian Fletcher: Why Have Nations at All? The Case for Economic Borders

  • That is, if the CIA operates drone strikes against a target in Somalia, for example, it might apply the self-defense rationale and say that it is not an armed conflict, and is instead an act of self-defense simpliciter.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Drone Warfare, the CIA, and Charlie Savage’s NYT Article

  • Uses of force, including drone strikes, go where the targets go, whether within the existing zone of hostilities or elsewhere, but those uses of force might or might not — depending on the level and extent of hostilities — constitute armed conflict; a drone strike might be a self-defense action simpliciter.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » My House Testimony in “Drones II”

  • I think he means “cultural libertarians,” but these are not necessarily the same people who self-identify as “libertarians” simpliciter.

    I’ve Been Turned Loose With Glee on the Culture!

  • If a woman not within a clear context of rights, such as capture rights, house rights, or camp rights, should pronounce herself slave, 'simpliciter, then she is subject to claim.

    Cinnamon Roll


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