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  • v. Present participle of simple.


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  • So it's easier to add a leg rather than simpling cloning out any pubic hair.

    Russian Vogue: Knee, Jerk Response

  • If 11:48 is correct, then SHE-lly is simpling a lapdog mouth piece for the speculators that "HIS POLLONESS" counts on to finance his efforts to become the "LATINO BOSS TWEED".

    Let Zuma Dogg be Zuma Dogg!

  • Through simpling years where the lowcasts have aten of amilikan honey and datish fruits and a bannock of barley on Tham the

    Finnegans Wake

  • There are established –standards— being voiced here and quite often, and you are simpling labeling it “willingness” or “cheerleading”.

    WSJ: House Energy report on the "mutual admiration society" « Climate Audit

  • RP Jr has challenged us to provide a better forecast, and we could do that by simpling forecasting the average for the last 10 years boring, but it would be a better forecast.

    Bill Gray Presentation « Climate Audit

  • You can make them kill themselves by simpling muttering "Do it... do it..." in their ear for a while.

    Imagination = Terrorism

  • Second-year courses include advanced Oriental diagnosis, the four radicals, symptom-sign diagnosis, specific diseases and treatments, and the art of simpling.

    You’re Certifiable

  • The Professional Herbalist course includes advanced lessons, such as the essential principles of disease and diagnosis in the Western, Ayurvedic, and Chinese herbal systems, an extensive and comprehensive materia medica of over five hundred herbs, advanced diagnostic approaches, and the art of simpling.

    You’re Certifiable

  • Blunt [i.e. Blount] went a-simpling in a Field twenty Years without discovering many new Plants, which had been pardonable in him, had he given us the true Names, and not been mistaken in the Description, Vertues and Qualities of several of the old.

    On Dictionaries

  • She said: 'Well, if the woods are good for nothing else, yet are they good for the growing of herbs, and I know the craft of simpling; and with one of these herbs had I stained my skin and my brother's also.

    The Roots of the Mountains; Wherein Is Told Somewhat of the Lives of the Men of Burgdale


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