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  • n. One who gathers medicinal herbs; one who simples.

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  • n. One skilled in simples, or medicinal plants; a simpler.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. One skilled in simples or medicinal plants; a simpler.


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simple +‎ -ist


  • After comparing his statments to his professed ideology and comparing it to other, often contradictory ides that he has I hve come to what is probally the simplist conclusion.

    Think Progress » The Right-Wing Backlash Against Glenn Beck: Stop Being A ‘Clown’ Who’s Trying To Divide Conservatives

  • Instead of encouraging austerity — a sweater from C é line will set you back £ 1,220, £ 800-plus for a jacket from Stella McCartney (another minimalist this season) and around £ 250 for some legwarmers from American "luxe simplist" Michael Kors.

    Chic Simple

  • In simplist terms the Republicans are a very shallow gene pool with no inflow with the dry season approaching. sms29s

    Steele: Sanford, Ensign affairs 'old news, old school'

  • The reduction of the novel to its simplist form -- or at least its most readily accessible -- would allow adventurous writers to follow their creative bliss in whatever directions they wished (to the extent that they, too, are finally willing to "ignore the needs of the publishing industry") and critics to extend their horizons beyond the already known.

    Experimental Fiction

  • Com on people, I think it's realy strange that after Bush's eight long years of degrading us AMERICANS ...... and moping the floor with our Values, leaving our reputation a mochory at most of the worlds doorsteps, WE tend to disregard that this is the simplist year of nomination?

    Obama, campaign both say he's not ready to declare victory

  • How can institutions that foster the ideas of social justice and academic freedom believe that the hypocricy of paying people who are working a full time job a wage which places them beneath the proverty line is not evident to the simplist student?

    Faculty of the Future

  • In simplist terms: You cannot ask, unreservadly, for support of a Democratic president if you didn't make an effort of being civil to a Republican one.

    "Has Barack Obama’s presidency already failed?"

  • Remember Occam's razor: The simplist explanation probably is the best explanation.

    Astronomers Find Type Ia Supernova Just Waiting to Happen | Universe Today

  • I think that is one of the simplist sweet to make.


  • While there are many things I am leaving out, this is the simplist way I can explain what I think is happening, admittedly not having had time to study the problem in detail (as seems to be the case in all Bush emergencies). by

    Bipartisan Betrayal of Main Street, Bailout Hands "Victory" to Bush


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