simplistically love


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  • adv. In a simplistic way.
  • adv. Used to announce or excuse an oversimplified explanation or description.


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simplistic +‎ -ally


  • That, very simplistically, is the ultimate peril that letting the present situation continue holds for all Canadians.

    Ontario's Response to Sovereignty Association

  • I had no idea that in 2005 I was going to have what can be called simplistically a female puberty.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Anonymous Comments and Modern Tort Law and Antidiscrimination Law 

  • It's a pretty easy concept and the site is designed simplistically, which isn't a bad thing.


  • Essentially, I'm trying to represent, albeit somewhat simplistically, the levels of interaction of the Latin and Old English texts.

    Drawing a Dissertation

  • Bollywood movies seem to have their roots not in 20th century pulp but in oral narrative forms, many of which mix speech & song, which is part of why the musical narrative form "fits". (and surely some musicals have this too, but I don't think Bollywood movies are simplistically rooted in Western musicals.)

    Beastly Bride interview wiv me

  • As far as those being dissatisfied … all I can say if, Americans are so accustomed to gore and blood, that they can comprehend the simplistically terrifying.

    'Paranormal Activity': Three super-scary alternate endings (SPOILER ALERT!) |

  • It is certainly, as far as the Elders of Sodom are concerned, an ethical retardation, as becomes obvious when that argument defines virtue and vice so simplistically in terms of control and lack of control.

    Archive 2009-08-01

  • Yet strangely, Governor Romney is now campaigning on a blatantly and simplistically anti-European platform.

    Edward Goldberg: Romney and His European Straw Dog

  • The announced panel could be described too simplistically as either (1) favorable to the United States because two of the three members of the panel -- Judges Richard Paez and Carlos Bea -- are of Hispanic descent or (2) unfavorable to the United States because two of the three members of the panel -- Judges Bea and John Noonan -- were appointed by Republican presidents.

    Doug Kendall: United States v. Arizona -- Liveblog

  • This movie surveys an entire spectrum of emotion, but inevetably boils down to the simplistically complicated relationship between love and hate.

    Top 10 Movies of 2009 » Scene-Stealers


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