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  • Mr. Morgan armed his single-masted sailboat with the latest in high-tech gear, and he avoided the need for repairs by outfitting it with two of everything: two sets of sails, two rudders, two satellite navigational systems and two machines to convert salt water into fresh water.

    Dodge Morgan, first American to sail solo, nonstop around the world, dies at 78

  • He found a small, single-masted sailing vessel of some forty or fifty tons, a sloop or bawley-he would not be certain which.

    Movie Night

  • The Providence could carry an enormous stretch of sail for a seventy-foot, single-masted ship.

    John Paul Jones

  • Inside the niche stood a single-masted sailing boat, an iceboat, resting on long titanium runners.

    Ice Hunt

  • And from out of the night, over the roofs of Trewissick from the dark inland moors, came sailing again the phantom ship of Cornwall, single-masted, square-rigged, with a dinghy behind, that had sailed up out of the midnight sea in the haunting.


  • It was a ship: a black ship, single-masted, square-rigged, with a dinghy behind.


  • It took the better part of an hour for the small, single-masted craft to drift into view.

    A Triumph of Souls

  • For centuries, the seaport had been famous for the construction of her sailing ships, everything from one-man skiffs to single-masted sloops to three-masted frigates.

    Ilse Witch

  • It was therefore for an assortment of reasons that Ehomba was relieved when, employing some of Simna's Chlengguu gold, they finally were able to book passage aboard a single-masted, square-rigged merchantman departing for the northern shores of the Aboqua.

    Carnivores of Light and Darkness

  • Rocking gently in the waves just beyond the breaking surf was a single-masted sloop.

    The Day of the Dissonance


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