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  • n. Plural form of siren.


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  • One of the most frightening moments in a car that doesn’t involve the actual screeching of brakes or the twisting of metal or the approach of sirens is suddenly noticing you are miles and miles farther along the road than you were the last time you noticed where you were and you have no memory of having covered the distance or of anything you saw between back there and here.

    Lance Mannion:

  • The neighborhood assumed the sirens were the police.

    Our Neighbors

  • So, whenever we hear those sirens, that is a good thing.

    CNN Transcript Mar 1, 2007

  • At first, I thought the sirens might be a side effect of the jet lag, but when people started gathering around the windows, I quit installing my new laptop port to watch for myself.


  • Of these the enemy have two on motor tricycles, and it is understood that the call of their sirens is a signal that they are in action.

    At Plattsburg

  • Their isles might be called sirens 'isles, not merely from the attraction they exerted on the passing mariner, but from the perils that awaited him on shore.

    In the South Seas

  • Use it to create rapidly repeating musical phrases, grungy riffs, retro computer game effects, rolling basslines, off-the-wall rhythmic patterns, dub sirens, weird sci-fi effects, plus sounds yet undiscovered ....


  • Medical equipment and fire equipment are sold such as sirens, lights, latex gloves, breathing equipment.

    PERSONALIZING UNIFORMS » Sociological Images

  • As it happens, most officers de facto WILL forgive in an incident like this, and then escort you to the hospital with sirens which is the far safer way safe way to exceed speed limits and traffic laws.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Someone’s Been Watching Too Many Old Sitcoms:

  • They didn't have any kind of sirens that I know of in that part of the world.

    CNN Transcript Feb 2, 2007


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