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  • noun One of several trees of the genus Albizzia, especially A. Lebbek (Acacia speciosa, etc.), of tropical Asia and Africa, sometimes called the siris-acacia.

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  • noun large spreading Old World tree having large leaves and globose clusters of greenish-yellow flowers and long seed pods that clatter in the wind


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  • Then would Kim return soft-footed through the soft dust to his master under the shadow of a mango-tree or the thinner shade of a white Doon siris, to eat and drink at ease.


  • If possible, when propagating khayer, siris, sisau or utis, soil should be used from forests of these species; however, this is not as critical as it is for pines.

    4.1 Nursery establishment

  • The pods of many leguminous species (e.g. sisau, khayer, areri and the siris species) are brittle and split easily once they have been dried in the sun.

    4.1 Nursery establishment

  • Because of its aggressive growth white siris may be a potential weed This is panicularly true in the Caribbean where white siris grows faster than many native species.

    Chapter 37

  • White siris is a component of tropical and subtropical moist and wet forest type-c where rainfall is 1000-5000 mm/yr.

    Chapter 37

  • In India, white siris is dominant to co-dominant in mixed deciduous forest or fauna as scattered individuals or in small groups in savanna woodlands (Benthall 1933, Bor 1953).

    Chapter 37

  • Like many nitrogen fixing trees, white siris survives on a variety of soils.

    Chapter 37

  • In Puerto Rico, white siris is an aggressive pioneer, forming pure stands on abandoned farms and other disturbed sites It is also common in pastures at elevations below 600 meters, including areas receiving as little as 800 mm of annual rainfall.

    Chapter 37

  • The natural regeneration of white siris is generally good.

    Chapter 37

  • Ah! _köil_, little _köil_, singing on the _siris_ bough,

    The Kipling Reader Selections from the Books of Rudyard Kipling


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