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  • v. To remain motionless.
  • v. To accept, tolerate, or acquiesce.


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  • The first was offered as an amende honorable on the part of the New York Press Club, and consisted of a 'breakfast' to which the Press Club invited Sorosis, but did not invite it to speak or do anything but sit still and eat, and be talked and sung to.

    Memories of Jane Cunningham Croly

  • Though he has arrived at the extreme limit of his splendid career, old Gian Bellino, who has just given new proof of his still transcendent power in the great altar-piece of S. Giovanni Crisostomo (1513), which is in some respects the finest of all his works, declines to sit still under the encroachments of his dangerous competitor, younger than himself by half a century.

    The Earlier Work of Titian

  • Unable to sit still all of a sudden, she jumped up from the blanket and cruised the perimeter of the stall, tracing the splintery old wood with her fingers.


  • After about a quarter of an hour one of the newts will start to get tired, then another, then a third, they'll lose their strength as they swing round and then go stiff; then they all sit still again like statues, then after a while another one of them will start going "ts-ts-ts", another one will start swinging round and then they're all suddenly dancing again, the whole circle.

    The War with the Newts

  • The painter Francois Clouet sketched her and painted her, lamenting that as she was a butterfly or a wild creature, she could not sit still for him, and so he was unable to capture her charm.

    Mary Queen Of Scotland And The Isles

  • And that worked for Bran, because he could sit still when Mrs. Ellis wanted him to, and he always remembered to say please and thank you, and to not drop crumbs on her carpet.

    The House on the Gulf

  • There were little high-heeled boots and feather-trimmed bonnets, gold watches with chains and hair bracelets with gold clasps and wax flowers under glass globes; you could even have your tintype taken if you did not mind having to sit still with your head in a vise for so Jong.

    Caddie Woodlawn’s Family

  • Teather said: "To get a child to be school ready, in a lot of people's minds, is about getting them to sit still in rows and hold a pen, and of course that's not what it's about, it's making sure that children are resilient enough to be able to cope at school."

    Parents set to benefit from changes to free childcare

  • He was enforced to sit still and watch its progress, which he accompanied with curses it would be a kind of sacrilege to write down.

    The Man Between: An International Romance

  • The McConnell-Chafee meeting was now scheduled for Tuesday, September 19, and everyone urged that we simply sit still and allow that meeting to happen, even though the Senate adjournment target of September 29 was agonizingly close at hand.

    Surrender is not an Option


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