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  • There was an article by Ed Lusch, saying that they were introduced to the lake back in 1970, siteing an article from El Charel that 3 manatees had been introduced to the lake in the 1970's.

    [alcuban] Lake Chapala

  • I find it just silly to argue that the siteing of abortion clinics is supposed to influence the abortion rate.

    ProWomanProLife » In the Times, no less

  • Unfortunatly my first fawn siteing this year was along side the road laying in a ditch with the doe not ten feet from it.

    New Beginnings

  • I personally cant wait for my next siteing of the noble beasts.

    A Warning from the Wolves

  • Pssst…I haz to repourts a possabull bukkit siteing.

    Beetins will continu - Lolcats 'n' Funny Pictures of Cats - I Can Has Cheezburger?

  • He spends a great dal of effort in the rest of the posting arguing that the siteing of the station will not affect the trend in temeprature data.

    Tucson's Amazing USHCN Station « Climate Audit

  • One other thing siteing me to riot condition, he spent 36 hours to put judge Roberts up for Rhenquests position.

    Think Progress » By the Numbers: In Katrina’s Wake, Race and Class Largely Ignored

  • They are both SEEN, They targeted Politicians, Threatening to shoot some one by siteing them in Rifle Targets on a map is just as bad, an did her actions insight some of these crazy peoples actions?


  • I've written my Congressman several times highlighting the lack of correlation between CO2 and Temperature, decreases in hurricane activity despite increases in CO2, Arctic ice and Antarctic ice expansion, global sea ice at record levels, problems with surface station siteing, etc … … in a vain attempt to have him change his vote regarding Cap & Tax each time receiving a form letter thanking me for my "support" and indicating his "concern" for the

    Watts Up With That?

  • Anything news worthy?? mb, just more of the same, however they are looking into a cousin of misty's. there was a siteing on haleigh in tenn. the man was sheilding her face. the cousin who they are calling joe, had been at the cumming's home the night she disapeared, and had words with ron cummings. who knows. he is a peopifile (sp) i hope and pray this baby is ok. the guy is misty's cousin. i hope i got all of that right.

    Blogger News Network


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