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  • conj. Archaic Since.

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  • prep. since.

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • Since; afterwards; seeing that.
  • n. Time.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Same as since.
  • Same as since.
  • Same as since.
  • An old spelling of side, sithe.


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

Middle English sithe, from Old English siththa, variant of siththan; see since.

from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

Reduced form of sithen


  • Also he would not use scarlet, ne gowns of rich cloth, ne also furring of over great price and cost, and namely sith he came from the parts of beyond sea the first time again, he coveted by great desire the growing up of the faith.

    The Golden Legend, vol. 7

  • very funny. although, the one arguing for scientific rationality is ultimately overcome by the non-violent willingness to sacrifice by the one who clings to their core beliefs and switches sides in the next film. plus, as episode 3 tells us, the sith are the absolutists.

    Secretly Filmed Creation Debate

  • What he needs is the right material to work with, and this might be it. mangoshakes revenge of the sith was awesome i thought. second half at least. still i can never be mad about this guy. too much happiness brought he has. (i

    George Lucas Directing Massive Red Tails Reshoots? | /Film

  • The rest of the movie, after Piccolo uses his "sith" like power to crush Gokus house from down the street, is pertty much what you'ed expect, Goku & Bulma meet & team up, they find Roshi & set off to find the dragonballs to stop Piccolo.

    Comic Book Movie

  • Battlestar Galactica battlestargalactica comic books comics darkhorse Dark Horse Darth Vader Flash Gordon jedi knights of the old republic KOTOR sciencefiction science fiction Sci Fi scifi sith stargate stargate atlantis stargate sg1 Star Trek startrek star trek tng Star Wars starwars Star Wars Comic Books Star Wars Expanded Universe Books star wars legacy star wars legacy of the force weird al YouTube

    War of the Supermen DESTROYS NEW KRYPTON!! « Show Me SciFi

  • In fact if you consider recent rulings by the sith lords who sit on the supreme court in regard to property rights, the citizen's of China now enjoy more protection under law for private property than you or I in the good old U S of A.

    Recession and the Economics of Wealth Redistribution

  • I was thinking the same thing and wondering if anyone else was noticing the direct correlation between mccain's campaign being taken over by rove disciples and it immediately going ridiculously over the top with nothing but negative spin, slander and innuendo. it seems the sith apprentice learned well from the sith lord ...

    McCain Lampoons Obama: "Audacity Of Hopelessness"

  • By Greg Sargent - June 20, 2007, 1: 18PM the nrcc is crystal clear on who jim sith is ... he's obviously a lob ... for cont group ...


  • I played the demo and for the first few minutes it was fun being a sort of sith badass but the game mechanics just got boring.

    Top Stories - Google News

  • She forbade him love, sith he disturbed her sleep.

    The Nibelungenlied


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