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  • n. Alternative spelling of sit-up.


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sit +‎ up


  • Job security and money from lobbyist are the only two things that make politicians situp and take notice. 80% of the population (by polls) are happy with their coverage and they are telling the politicians their job is on the line.

    Health care reform is dead (Jack Bog's Blog)

  • How can people situp and listen to Hillary's lies ...

    DNC Chair on resolving Florida, Michigan stalemate

  • In the food version of this journey—the Journey from Yourself—you spend years, sometimes a whole life, dieting, fasting, bingeing, exercising and then laying on the couch because you refuse to do one more situp or downward-facing dog.

    Women Food and God

  • And if we combine it with Coach Sonnon's "Be Breathed" situp-style movements, it rips him out of his crying jag in seconds.

    Inglourious Basterds (2009)

  • COSTELLO: Adding pushups, situp, dips and crunches all these exercises can work our arms, lower back, chest, and core abs.

    CNN Transcript Apr 22, 2007

  • At a con, Eric Flint was up at the table filled with editors and made one of those comments that just made me situp and take notice.

    You Can Get This Book For Free. You Should Buy It. « Whatever

  • AUSTIN: Yes, right now everybody sit up nice and tall, pull in your abs, tense and tighten up your tummy muscles for ten seconds and that is equal to one situp.

    CNN Transcript Aug 8, 2001

  • My first situp caused intense pain, paralyzed my legs (nearly permanently), sent me back to the hospital, and set back my recovery by weeks, but the therapist was convinced it was because I didn't follow his instructions properly and used my side muscles (obliques) instead of my abs.

    Planet Atheism

  • General warm up - 3 min moderate speed walk on treadmill Eric Cressey foam roll routine 1set each of my usual dynamic mobility exercises behind the neck band pull aparts - green mini-band help 3/4 length 2x8 lateral deep lunge x8 situp complex on swiss ball single leg RDL mobility - Business News

  • That familiar standby, the situp, is gone, or almost gone.

    NYT > Home Page


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