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  • noun A genus of umbelliferous plants, of the tribe Ammineæ and subtribe Euammineæ.

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  • noun perennial of wet and marshy places in the northern hemisphere: water parsnips


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  • Surprisingly i do aggree with RI on this one. it could be a manifestation of individualism. in a twisted way it does give the avaredge man a chance to distinct himself from the masses.well. if you discount the MILLIONS of people that use the game for that purpose that is. that does kinda create a Bo (e) sium strip kind-of-thing ..

    EXTRALIFE – By Scott Johnson - Treating China’s online addicts

  • Leone links Plato's cosmology to that of Moses, and Aristophanes 'myth in the Sympo - sium of the halving of man to the Hebrew story of man's creation in Genesis.


  • Another student of Plato, Matthew Arnold, on the other hand, unlike his literary colleagues, rejects the emphasis on love, rarely mentioning the Sympo - sium or Phaedrus, and can only be significantly Platonic in his religious and ethical views and in his rejection of materialism.

    Dictionary of the History of Ideas

  • Following the supernova explosion, the hot residual core (consisting of such nuclei as iron, calcium, magne - sium, and free electrons) continued to contract, finally becoming a white dwarf of enormous density.


  • Alcibiades 'image from the Sympo - sium, of Socrates as an ugly Silenus-box containing the sweetest perfume, was explicated by Erasmus in the


  • This happens when calcium, magne­ boiler water treatment products such as chelates, sium and silica, common in most water supplies, polymers, and / or phosphates.

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  • First, it is passed through the cation ex - inlet water but still unsuitable for the boiler. change bed, where the cations (calcium, magne­ Lime softening treatment is followed by ei­ sium and sodium) are exchanged for hydrogen ther sodium cycle cation exchange or ion ex - ions.

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  • As stated before, a the removal of impurities, such as calcium, magne­ specific water treatment should be recommended sium and silica which, as discussed earlier, can cause by someone who has knowledge of both boiler scale.

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  • Potassa entirely free from water may be procured by other nieans besides the decomposition of the orange oxide of potassium, or the action of iron on common potash: for instance, by acting on potas - sium by a small quantity of water, or by heating potassium with common potash.

    Elements of Chemical Philosophy: Part 1, Vol.1

  • Numus inscriptns MA., typo capitis Dianae, et cervi, qnem Pellerinins Ephe - sium putavit, verisimilioa reddend«a est Massiliae GaUiae, in onjaa numia iidoia typi comparenr, jiF.

    Doctrina nvmorvm vetervm conscripta a Josepho Eckhel ..


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