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  • Sad that no matter how many times I've repeatedly tried to explain my true position, journalists inevitably bring up this subject again and again; as if it was the only memorable thing I was reported to have done in my sixty-odd years living on this planet yawn.

    Michael Gilmour: Yusuf Islam, Salman Rushdie And Censorship

  • What followed was a lively debate (sixty-odd coments and counting) about the definition of "hard" science fiction.


  • For the last sixty-odd years we have maintained an enviable relative GDP, a seat on the UN Security Council, and nuclear weapons.

    Azeem Ibrahim: Eight Reasons Why The UK's Strategic Defence and Security Review Must Not Savage its Military

  • That garish outfit is like nothing the English queen would EVER have worn in the sixty-odd years of her reign (1839-1901).

    Queen Victoria Squirrel » E-Mail

  • The latter, keen and sharp and wiry, for all his white hair and sixty-odd years, was as young in appearance as a man of thirty.

    CHAPTER 11

  • Nonetheless, Resnick does an admirable job of breathing life into the story of a small town's demise and its questioning of whether the disaster could have been avoided: "It was as if they had been waiting sixty-odd years for someone to just ask them what happened," she writes.

    Book review of "Goodbye Wives and Daughters," by Susan Kushner Resnick

  • In so doing they have tried to be all things to all men, an objective which has seen them throw a childish paddy culminating in sixty-odd drama queens flouncing out of the House of Commons when they did not get their way.

    Archive 2008-03-02

  • Seen prices on the original ranging from almost nothing up to sixty-odd bucks on eBay.

    New Lamps for Old - Part II

  • Hawaiians distrusted each othei and at any one time there were sixty-odd groups saying they wanted the monarchy back and all trying in different ways to get land, because land meant money, and they wanted money to buy a new pickup truck and a TV and a loud radio.


  • There were fifteen in all, and all women, ranging in age from Mrs. Graham's sixty-odd years to a young woman in her early twenties, whom I had seen pushing a pram round the shops two days before.

    Sick Cycle Carousel


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