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  • The sutures of the jaws of the fish enable it to accommodate its grip to the various sizes of limpets, and to take a fair and square hold, while the lower jaw seems to act as a fulcrum when the leverage is applied.

    The Confessions of a Beachcomber

  • The fact is that most of us will never get down to a size 4—let alone the model-thin sizes of 0 or the more absurd 00, the size below size 0—no matter how much we work out or how healthfully we eat.

    The Life You Want

  • LSD intoxication is characterized by florid visual distortions—arrays of colors, often dark green or brown; dramatic changes in the shapes or sizes of familiar objects—and overwhelming delusions of omnipotence.

    Over the Edge

  • They occupied most of one short block of Redcliff Street near the Redcliff Backs, from whence he collected his shipments of sugar from the West Indies and loaded his different sizes of casks into lighters the moment an order was paid for.

    Morgan’s Run

  • Haldane, Viscount, at Thanksgiving Dinner of the American Society, I discussion with Von Tirpitz as to relative sizes of navies, I knew that Germany intended war, II 35

    The Life and Letters of Walter H Page

  • There was a strong family resemblance in all the ten large portraits — nine men and the girl - that hung on the walls amid landscapes of all sizes of Hong Kong and Shanghai and Tiensin and many seascapes of the elegant Struan clipper ships and some of their merchantmen.

    Noble House

  • Artwork comparing the sizes of the 55 Cancri system (left) with a small brown dwarf star system in the constellation of Chamaeleon (upper right).

    George’s Cosmic Treasure Hunt

  • From the different sizes of staterooms and cabins that the big floorplan had shown, it had been pretty obvious that the upper-class sections were the ones furthest forward.


  • Having been properly taught, he made his own emery papers out of canvas, sprinkling the abrasive black particles onto a base of very strong fish-glue, and used the same technique to fashion different sizes of emery sticks, some pointed, some rounded, some blunt and stubby.

    Morgan’s Run

  • Von Tirpitz, discussion with Viscount Haldane as to relative sizes of navies, I 278; hostile to Colonel House's proposals, I 289

    The Life and Letters of Walter H Page


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