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  • n. Plural form of skeleton.
  • n. Shameful secrets (pluralia tantum; shortened from skeletons in the cupboard or skeletons in the closet).


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  • Let him run ... it is always fun to dig out the skeletons from the closets.

    Lou Dobbs weighing White House run in 2012

  • Once they locate their clients (using only an illustration of the residence), Rosencrantz and Guildenstern get to work extracting figurative skeletons from the literal closet.

    Current Movie Reviews, Independent Movies - Film Threat

  • The G-2 Ace ends up deep in skeletons in the catacombs, along with his offsider Andre, after being framed for a 'murder in the dark situation.'

    Archive 2007-03-01

  • On September 8th 2007, doit4johnny wrote: wht the hell .. all the young hot chicks are growing up to be anorexic heroin skeletons … someone get her a cheeseburger!!

    Christina Ricci Engaged To Owen Benjamin

  • Khaan mckennai*, described for two outstanding complete skeletons, is similar to Conchoraptor but has a more horizontally-aligned naris and more strongly curved manual unguals (Clark et al. 2001).

    Archive 2006-02-01

  • Basically everything there is to know about that person, and everything they've ever said and done, any questionable associations they've ever had, any "skeletons" -- no matter how minor -- all come out at once, or close to it.


  • In fact, government legal losses have consistently enough generated large liabilities for the government that most analysts 'fiscal projections still include a line for "skeletons" - the term of art for old claims that get adjudicated against the government.


  • More like there’s an election on the way clear the skeletons from the cupboard.


  • That’s an anagram for Earhart, who was an aviatrix (I think one of the skeletons is Amelia Earhart).

    The Tail Section » Your Voice: Comprehensive Theory for the End of ‘Lost’ - Part 1

  • At least all her skeletons are already out in public ... ron

    Obama's VP vetter steps aside


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