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  • n. A room built against the back of another building, having a separate roof.
  • n. Any indefinitely large number.


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From dialect skilling, from Middle English skyling

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See +‎ -illion


  • Shorter Canadian Idiot-sphere: It's Mohamud's fault for not checking her passport photo on a regular basis and rushing out to get a new one, something we total hypocrites have never done and would never have considered in a million, billion, skillion, gajillion years.

    The joy of taking one's own advice.

  • Wes Farrell and even David Cassidy contributed songs, but the king of the songwriter hill was the late Tony Romeo, writer of "I Think I Love You," that single having sold a skillion units in the '70s, and later recorded by countless easy listening vocalists of the era.

    Mike Ragogna: Partridge Family Ties

  • Make It Up '; yahooBuzzArticleSummary =' Article: You don\'t have stay long on a radio signal or Google past the first page to find soundbites and transcripts from Glenn Beck, Mark Levin, Michael Savage and the skillion other broadcast Lords of Loud playing fast and loose with the truth. '

    Pundit Rule #1 - If The Truth Don't Work...Make It Up

  • Yes, Ezra, that's terribly, terribly brave of you -- saying "Merry Christmas" in the midst of 50 bazillion, skillion other people saying exactly the same thing.

    Would someone please punch Ezra Levant in the face?

  • My template has changed a skillion times over the years, because I became obsessed about teaching myself how to hand-code HTML and CSS.

    A Complete And Utter Spoiler Of Terrence Malick's 1973 "Badlands"

  • Friday is my day to send a skillion e-mails, write content for three websites including this one, code my little fingers to nubbins, and then realize that it's not even noon yet.

    Archive 2008-09-01

  • When this occurs, I am usually hit with a sledgehammer of composition panic, because I do not think in a million skillion billion years that I can make the rest of my story fit into the established space constraints.

    for me, personally. your results may vary, your experience may differ, etc.

  • A standard like "unique accounts logged in in the past N days" where N is most likely 7 (what WoW uses) or 30 (what others seem to use) could be helpful, IMO... but when VendorX reports "we've had ten skillion unique logins in the past week" how do you verify or debate that?

    "100K Group" lists? (Or, 'The Numbers Game' Part 2)

  • Father came down to the hut while the brands were getting ready, and began to look at the harness-cask, which stood in a little back skillion.

    Robbery Under Arms

  • A great kill-off that rid the world of a skillion Rebels and most of the Taken, leaving the Lady a free hand and setting her up for the Dominator at the same time.

    Shadow Games


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