from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Like the sky in color; blue; azure.


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  • He turned his wild, sky-colored eyes on Rosalee, zeroing in on her like a bull spotting a red flag.

    Bleeding Violet

  • The airport is full of public art, most of it much tamer -- silver pinwheels in a tram tunnel, a fleet of sky-colored paper airplanes.

    A Horse of a Different Color Divides Denver

  • Yehoshua glances at Gaius, searching for some sign of emotion on the centurion's square, clean-shaven face, in his cool sky-colored eyes.

    Evan Eisenberg: Mary Christ (Part 3)

  • Instead, his handsome mouth is grim and his sky-colored eyes stare, intent, into Yehoshua's own.

    Evan Eisenberg: Mary Christ (Part 6)

  • But when he looked up into Her sky-colored eyes, the pang of unease faded.

    Spirits White As Lightning

  • They hurried from the place, the barbarian leading, for the sky-colored Imbiber seemed desirous of continuing his lecture on the subject of Count Joseph and his Emporium of the Unusual.

    Night Arrant

  • I got enough for a coat, sky-colored, embroidered with flowers and flying serpents.

    The Persian Boy

  • Aye, with that barbarous mane and uncouth face fur, and those uncanny sky-colored eyes - and, ahem, an accent such as these tired old ears can barely understand - this fat old man has no choice but to believe that you do, forsooth, hail from an unknown land to the east.

    Conan Of The Isles

  • A small sky-colored ladder led up to the door of this artistic heaven, which remained closed long after a crowd of loungers had gathered around it.

    Lippincott's Magazine, Vol. 26, August, 1880 of Popular Literature and Science

  • Page young woman with great sky-colored eyes and the most beautiful head set on her strong shoulders you ever saw anywhere.

    The Elected Mother


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