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  • Program/CallBack IL_005c: stloc. 1 IL_005d: ldloc. 1 IL_005e: ldstr "skynet" IL_0063: ldc. i4.s 23 IL_0065: callvirt instance void DelegateTest.


  • Program/CallBack IL_002b: stloc. 1 IL_002c: ldloc. 1 IL_002d: ldstr "skynet" IL_0032: ldc. i4.s 23 IL_0034: callvirt instance void DelegateTest.


  • I presume on a ship smuggling tea and nazi memorabilia from Soviet Russia to North Korea as part of an Al Qaeda plot to establish themselves as a driving force in the future, allowing them to convert America to communism, rewrite all accounts of modern history, and eventually build a machine they will come to call "skynet"? ... Stories / Popular

  • PersonInfo1及相应的PersonInfo1方法,这是造成委托调用了两个方法的原因所在,+ = 操作将PersonInfo1方法追加到委托使其绑定两个方法,而且调用时是按照绑定的顺序调用方法的(试试先绑定PersonInfo1,再+ = PersonInfo,然后调用cb ( "skynet" ,23) 就知道了!)。


  • This is just the first step, we will bring this to the next level with our next version to be dubbed "skynet";)

    Planet KDE

  • As the new T-800 broke through the door of the skynet factory, I looked over at my son Michael and saw the smile creep across his face.

    Top 10 Cameo Roles in Movies » Scene-Stealers

  • Also with Kyle Reese having travelled back in time, the future has been changed as John Connor now knows his destiny, and therefore can avoid going into a skynet workers camp.

    The Co-Screenwriter of Terminator 1 and 2 Has Written Treatments For Terminator 5 and 6 | /Film

  • Here's the thing .... google will never turn into skynet if people stop using it ... and I for one would like to see that happen in my lifetime pixelzen

    Break Google’s Monopoly On Your Data: Switch To Yahoo Search | Lifehacker Australia

  • NE is it just me or does skynet need to re-evaluate their methods for ending mankind?

    McG Updates Terminator Salvation: Post Production Time | /Film

  • Besides all skynet really has to do is send the terminator back in time to when Murphy was human and have the terminator waste him and destroy the brain in the process, and voila no Robocop.

    EXTRALIFE – By Scott Johnson -


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