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  • v. Present participle of slag.


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  • The party members seemed to be far more interested in slagging off Labour, who are their partners in government in Wales, than critiquing the Tories or LibDems.

    Dale and different strokes

  • DAVID FRUM, FORMER BUSH SPEECHWRITER: To get into this kind of slagging match with him, I mean, it's luridly entertaining for everybody else.

    CNN Transcript Oct 28, 2009

  • As for "slagging" you, if you can quote one thing I said which is demonstrably false, I will concede your point.

    can of worms

  • He chose not to speak up and offer his version of events, '' because I didn't want to get in any kind of slagging match with anyone; it seemed better to just ignore it ''.

    The Age News Headlines

  • Adrian Hickey (aged 34) became involved in a scuffle with the man because he believed that his girlfriend, who had been pushed after she approached the victim to ask if he was "slagging" her, was under threat.

    Top Stories:

  • During the debate the MP got so rattled she accused him of "slagging" her off because he questioned how committed the Liberals were to abolishing fees.

    Socialist Party Main leads

  • There is a 'slagging' culture amongst my group of friends (if you ain't getting slagged you ain't nobody) and I reckon Sherlock would fit in pretty well with some of his put-downs of the trusty Watson.

    Word Magazine - Comments

  • Instead, familiarise yourself with the ancient Irish art of backslapping -- learn how to guffaw, administer a good-natured 'slagging' (stick to the football -- that way nobody gets hurt) and witter on about 'the rugby' (especially effective, for some reason, if your superior is female). - Frontpage RSS Feed

  • nd New York tabloids are SO good at this kind of slagging match.


  • Indeed, IMHO it seems that some posters are more interested in slagging Christianity than they are in discussing the original subject. guessing that might be aimed at me? i'm not slagging christianity. but i do find it useful to draw appropriate parallels with christianity, if it helps some people to understand how their views are bigoted/naive/duplicitous. for the record, i don't believe in anything and don't have strong feelings for any religion over another. any impression that i might be "slagging" christianity is merely playing devils advocate to balance the scales of this argument.

    Army Rumour Service


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