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  • n. One who trades in slaves; a slaver.


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  • Other notables include the rotund Peter Ustinov providing comic relief as a cowardly slave-trader, and Charles Laughton, who lends gravitas as a senior Roman senator.

    John Farr: Kirk Douglas Turns 95!

  • And what most people don't know about John Newton is that after he got saved he continued to work as a slave-trader for six years, and he didn't become an abolitionist for another three and a half decades after that.

    Briallen Hopper: Amazing Grace: How Conversion Really Works

  • Suppose some learned scholar were to discover a Fifth Gospel which proved beyond doubt that Our Lord survived the Cross and became a bandit or a slave-trader, or a politician, even - d'you think it would disturb the Christian faith one little bit?


  • Only too late did Flashman discover that the ship was an illegal slave-trader and her captain, despite his academic antecedents, a homicidal eccentric.


  • "You'll pay through the nose for him, too, but you'll be getting a safe, scholarly man of affairs who'll not only manage a fleet, but can be trusted to see that no indiscreet inquiries are ever directed at your recent American activities, or the fact that your signature as supercargo is to be found on the articles of a slave-trader -"


  • Rimbaud, who famously quit writing poetry when he was 20 years old to become a gun runner, slave-trader and vague signifier of adolescent rebellion, had just had his gangrenous leg amputated when he spoke those words.

    Punk Icon Patti Smith Waxes Poetic at Robert Miller Gallery

  • During the transaction, the Americans met with Jack Ben, a prominent Bassa slave-trader.

    The House at Sugar Beach

  • So instead of destroying every last pirate and slave-trader, which would be ridiculous, an agreement was reached with the pirates and they were placed under greater control by Roman businessmen and local magistrates, who coordinated legal protection for them as long as they kept their marauding within acceptable limits, and continued to keep the slave trade open.

    Living in A State of Perpetual National Emergency

  • The evidence reveals Ruffin to have been a batterer of slaves, a speculating slave-trader at a time when that trade had become disreputable, and a serial breaker of slave families.

    Muller on Judging Thomas Ruffin and the Hindsight Defense

  • The earliest of these journeys, from the 1850s to the 1870s, were undertaken by British and Portuguese hunter-traders in search of ivory (and sometimes gold), particularly in the region of the Lebombos and the Zoutpansberg, where João Albasini, a Portuguese commercial hunter and gun - and slave-trader and aspiring state-builder from Lourenço Marques, had established a settlement on the fringes of Boer society and beyond the reach of the Swazi and Gaza Nguni states.

    Where Women Make History: Gendered Tellings of Community and Change in Magude, Mozambique


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