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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of slaver.


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  • The salsa verde, with its bright acids balanced and rounded the richness of the marrow, and the baguette, scored with black grill marks, and which was slavered with olive oil and rubbed down with garlic, lent a spicy smokiness to the dish as well.

    Bone Marrow--"Light of my life, fire of my loins."

  • He saw the flashing forms of gray, the gleaming eyes, the lolling tongues, the slavered fangs.


  • He was half-way under the railing when she caught him up and held him at arm's length while he howled and barked and slavered.


  • Certainly not the critics, who slavered over its Royal Court premiere in 2007 and West End transfer, where the cast included the then-future Doctor Who, Matt Smith.

    This week's new theatre

  • Their aroma filled the room in this fiery month of June—in the middle of the flat plains and miles from the cool mountains of Kashmir—and all of their senses slavered.

    Shadow Princess

  • The NR Board slavered rapaciously for ever more profit, and drank from only one well.

    Review: The Crunch by Alex Brummer

  • It was the faces, Eliot, those accursed faces, that leered and slavered out of the canvas with the very breath of life!

    Illustrating The Unseen « Become A Robot

  • The killer in him slavered at the thought of putting paid to Catherine dos Santos, but the survivor in him was stronger.

    Naked Cruelty

  • Why, for that matter, had I let myself be lured into that Washington hotel by the designing dwarf Mandeville, and gone like a lustful lamb to the slaughter with Spring's diabolical daughter, or slavered after that dough-faced heifer in Calcutta?


  • For two full months this dog slavered, stared, woofed softly at this wee chick.

    The 2009 Spring/Summer Garden is Done


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