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  • adj. Resembling a sledge (heavy hammer) or some aspect of one.
  • adj. Resembling a sledge (sled or sleigh) or some aspect of one.


sledge +‎ -like (Wiktionary)


  • Hands balling into sledgelike fists, Varden barely controlled his fury.


  • The barbarian's neck and shoulder felt numb from the sledgelike impact of Olmec's huge fist, which had carried all the strength of the massive forearm, thick triceps and great shoulder.

    Red Nails

  • After him through the melee came Conan, brandishing his great sword in his sledgelike fist.

    Conan the Freebooter

  • Putting all the power of his lean young muscles behind his sledgelike fists, he hit Hardy twice.

    Kid Wolf of Texas


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