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  • "You see," continued Grim, "we've been actin 'every night for a week past; well, if we hadn't been actin', we should ha 'been thinkin' an 'sleepin' -- too much of which, you see, ain't good for us, Buzzby, and would never pay."

    The World of Ice

  • Last night I were layin 'sleepin' darling, and I declare I was sleepin 'all by myself

    Big Bill Broonzy Lyrics

  • Last night I were layin 'sleepin', and I declare I was sleepin 'all by myself

    Big Bill Broonzy Lyrics

  • Br'er Coon, he look like he jus' sleepin', but he dead.


  • 'cos that's what my mammy comes an' tells me every night, wakin 'an' sleepin '-- that's what she comes an' tells me, reia, in the waggin an 'in the tent, an' aneath the sun an 'aneath the stars -- an' that's what the fiery eyes of the Romany Sap says out o 'the ferns an' the grass, an 'in the Londra streets, whenever I thinks o' you.


  • "Ten dollahs a day, boy, comf'table place fo 'sleepin', an 'all de grub you kin eat."

    Lady Luck

  • "It'll be a case o 'sleepin' in ther open, 'throut kiver, eatin' w'en yer kin, an 'gittin' anything we kin shoot an 'havin' it hafe cooked ur not cooked at all, an 'lots o' other inconveniences thet'll make yer long fer ther comforts o 'home."

    Frank Merriwell's Bravery

  • "Hit's her busy day fo 'sleepin', ain 'hit?" he said, poking a blunt finger into the soft cheek.

    A Tar-Heel Baron

  • But at my age, sir, you get nervous; standin 'about the streets as I been this last week, an' sleepin 'in them doss-houses -- Oh, they're dreadful rough places -- a dreadful rough lot there!

    Complete Project Gutenberg John Galsworthy Works

  • T 'meadows an' cow-pasturs were full o 'sleepin' larks, an 'then, all on a sudden, t' sky were fair wick wi 'em.

    More Tales of the Ridings


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