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  • v. Present participle of sleeptalk.
  • n. Unconscious talking in one's sleep.


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  • If Jean-Marc's sleeptalking continues, with his indefatigable "Chérie, tu ronfles -- Darling, you are snoring," we may have resort to what the

    mise en bouteille / wine bottling

  • That ONLY happens when I'm seriously stressed and miserable, a Happy Jax does not do sleeptalking nonsense.

    jaxraven Diary Entry

  • In any case, it turned out there was no room for sleepwalking in the book, because I got so interested in narcolepsy and insomnia and sleeptalking, or somniloquy.

    Fast Times at King William's High

  • Rupert Grint is adorable as a wuss (his sleeptalking "tapdancing spiders" bit? so funny).

    evolver Diary Entry

  • Her eyes were open but her voice was distant and breathy'the voice of someone who is sleeptalking.

    The Waste Lands

  • Dowling then told her about her sleeptalking in the house, and she said: I've been talking in my sleep ever since I was a little girl.

    Evening Standard - Home

  • I slept again and for the third time, was woken up by Patty's snoring and Deot's sleeptalking.

    Bisaya Bloggers

  • During NREM sleep, a body produces few movement, but the body has capability of tossing about in bed and producing some other motor events, such as sleepwalking and sleeptalking

    Serendip's Exchange -

  • It is very similar to sleepwalking and sleeptalking.


  • Perhaps aware of this problem, Glavinic introduces "the Sleeper," the name given by Jonas to his sleepwalking and sleeptalking self.



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