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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of slink.


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  • His poor regulator got up there and got beat up by Barney Frank and whoever, Chris Dodd, and the regulators just lost their teeth and kind of slinked away.

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  • I asked dr demented how he was able to get computer privilidges at the mental hospital that he calls home and then he just slinked off ..

    Think Progress » Obama‚Äôs second TSA nominee backs out.

  • Apparently they don't mind my husband being around because there they were, in plain sight, while the poor, terrified culinary scissors had slinked away under the cover of darkness and closed themselves up in my husband's toolbox, no doubt hoping to remain there until the next deployment.

    The Hostility in this Household Must Stop! - SpouseBUZZ

  • I slinked through the crowd of dancing bodies and hurled myself into the girls bathroom, where I plopped down on a toilet seat and sobbed.

    Jared Sampson's Mom

  • Chickens ran underfoot; low-bellied cats slinked after them.


  • The smoke built around Suzaku and the dragon slinked into the darkness.

    Arcana Magi Rush

  • Mrs. March, her body looking as if it was slipping off her bones, slinked over to a chair and sat.

    Family Storms

  • And this was never more evident than this pas weekend, when she slinked and vamped her way onto the red carpet at the Emmy Awards.

    Malcolm Harris: Paz de la Huerta Has Finally Arrived... And I Like It

  • Gerin slinked back behind the chair focusing on the radio.

    Artemis Neo

  • Needless to say, the prohibition only heightened my curiosity and against my better judgment I slinked inside for a forbidden chicken sandwich.

    Wayne Besen: Forbidden Sex and Chicken Sandwiches


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