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  • n. A mill in which iron bars or plates are slit into nail-rods, etc.
  • n. In gem-cutting, a circular disk of thin sheet-iron revolving on a lathe, which, with its sides and edge charged with diamond-dust and lubricated with oil, is used by lapidaries to slit gems and other hard substances. Also called slitting-disk, slicer.
  • n. A gang saw-mill, used for resawing lumber for making blind-slats, fence-pickets, etc. Compare slitting-saw.


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  • It was Godfrey Box, of Liège, who erected at Dartford, in 1590, the first iron mill for slitting bars; and from the slitting-mill was no doubt derived the notion of the rolling-mill as used by Cort.

    The Coal Question~ Of British Invention

  • Parker's Falls, which, as everybody knows, is as thriving a village as three cotton-factories and a slitting-mill can make it.

    Twice Told Tales

  • Mr. Higginbotham was as well known at Parker's Falls as any citizen of the place, being part-owner of the slitting-mill and a considerable stockholder in the cotton-factories.

    Twice Told Tales


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