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  • n. A hat of soft material, especially one with a broad and flexible brim.


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  • Adelphi, he became aware of a man before him, wearing a slouch-hat and a greatcoat -- a man who appeared to choose the densest part of the throng, to prefer to be rubbed against and hustled rather than not.

    Master of His Fate

  • At ten o'clock he was ready -- hip-boots, slouch-hat, rubber coat, and lantern, and went forth into the storm.

    Reveries of a Schoolmaster

  • A slouch-hat, crowning hollow eyes and haggard beard, filled him with joy: it marked a bran-bread man and a brother.

    The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 14, No. 85, November, 1864

  • Walton, in slouch-hat, bound about with "leaders," sat upon the green turf to listen to a milkmaid's song.

    The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 14, No. 83, September, 1864

  • He rode directly to our boxes, reined his horse in front of Miss An - thony, rose in his stirrups, and with his characteris - tic gesture swept his slouch-hat to his saddle-bow in salutation.

    The Story of a Pioneer

  • His hands were deep in his pockets, his shoulders hunched, his eyes staring straight ahead under the brim of his slouch-hat.

    Garrison's Finish : a romance of the race course

  • We could not see his face very clearly, for he wore a grey slouch-hat, and the brambles were so high just there that sometimes they hid him from us.

    Jim Davis

  • He turned up his coat-collar and slung his muffler about his neck, put his brown slouch-hat impudently on one side of his white head, and stood rejuvenated, an adventurer.

    The Innocents A Story for Lovers

  • He recognized the owner, Dr. Bagby, from his pictures: a lean man of sixty with a sallow complexion, a gray mustache like a rat-tail, a broad, black countrified slouch-hat on the back of his head, a gray sack-suit which would have been respectable but unfashionable at any period whatsoever.

    The Trail of the Hawk A Comedy of the Seriousness of Life

  • Ingersoll Stillman, gentleman dog -- then, in canvas hunting-coat and slouch-hat, tramped out of town southward, where the woods ended in prairie.

    The Trail of the Hawk A Comedy of the Seriousness of Life


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