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  • n. One who slums. See slum, verb, and slumming.


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  • He tosses off one-liners: Portia is "" a gorgeous slummer, my dears, '' Jessica, "" the first Jewish-American princess. ''

    King Of The Canon

  • But hey, I grew up on sneaking sips of my dad's Falstaff and trying to solve the rebus puzzles printed on the caps, so I still maintain a taste for flavored water: Stroh's and Busch Lite are my slummer beers.

    Sunday Beer Talk

  • Another breed of lodger was the "gentleman slummer," who, like thrill-seeking men of every era, would leave his respectable home and family to enter a forbidden world of low-life pub-hopping and music halls and cheap, anonymous sex.

    Portrait of a Killer

  • It would have been easy and exciting for him to disguise himself as either an East End man or a gentleman slummer and voyeuristically prowl the pubs and doss-houses of Whitechapel and its nearby hellholes.

    Portrait of a Killer

  • Its poverty and its tradition of lawlessness are sedulously fostered by itself for the benefit of the simple-minded slummer.

    Nights in London

  • That which she undertook to do, she did thoroughly and well; and for practical hygiene she possessed an inborn liking and aptitude, far more so than, for example, her fortuitous fellow slummer of the morning, Dr. Surtaine, whom she encountered at the corner where the

    The Clarion

  • The clergyman, the district visitor, the professional slummer -- all the people who "patronise" -- never learn the truth, and they positively invite the wastrel classes to lie.

    The Chequers Being the Natural History of a Public-House, Set Forth in a Loafer's Diary

  • Jeff was pleased to blurb the forthcoming Slum Online, writing, Online slummer Etsuro’s quest to find and defeat ‘Ganker Jack’ is exhilarating, but his parallel search for love and purpose (and a blue cat) in Real Life is just as affecting.

    January « 2010 « Haikasoru: Space Opera. Dark Fantasy. Hard Science.

  • I’ve lived in Seaside Heights my whole life, and I can smell a summer slummer from a mile away.

    Shore Thing

  • “Then you know I’m not some idiot city slummer you can bully into giving up my rights.”



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